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    We are Pursued to Pursue

Pursuit Life

Your kingdom come, Your will be done,
On Earth as it is in Heaven
Matt VI:X

Life Groups

Life groups are our small group gatherings in homes where we build community and family. They generally consist of either women’s, men’s or mixed groups. We aim to have a relaxed time around food, storytelling, open sharing and discussions around biblical themes. They are a great opportunity to get to know people better and to grow spiritually.

Pursuit Kidz

Each Sunday after our time of worship, our primary school children meet together with our leaders for a time of fun, games and a simple bible lesson. Our passion is to reveal God’s heart and destiny to each child who joins us.


We currently are not running youth group at this time. We would certainly love to in the future. We will keep you posted of any new developments.


Reach is our outreach focus local and abroad, we support ministries in various countries, such as Cambodia, Kenya and Poland. From time to time we take short term trips (2 weeks at a time) to Cambodia. We have links to ministries who are working with sex-trafficked children – Iris Cambodia and XP Ministries.

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